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Gary Blonder has been in the business of buying, selling, and collection classic and exotic motor cars for over 48 years. As a young boy growing up with modest means in a small town, Gary began to work on cars at a gas station. As he grew so did his responsibilities; learning the ins and outs of remodeling and rebuilding. Working on all different types of cars from such a young age instilled Gary a true reverence and understanding of cars of all types including modern and classic motor cars. He self-taught himself how to effectively repair all categories of vehicles and the importance of executing correct repairs the first time. He also provides excellent customer service. These are qualities that he has perfected over time and truly separates Gary Blonder from others.

As Gary entered into high school he remodeled and repaired his own cars as daily drivers. The students, teachers and parents from his school saw the quality of the cars that Gary drove and his work began to attract interest. It was not uncommon for Gary Blonder to go to school, sell his current remodeled vehicle and then walk home that same day. Back then Uber did not exist! The car he first sold was a 57′ Chevy. With his own hands he rebuilt and repaired it, turning it into a beauty to behold. In the parking lot of a McDonald’s he sold the Chevy for $800, at the time this was millionaire money, he was only in high school. Working on cars helped Gary Blonder make his way through school. It kept his mind engaged and taught him a level of discipline that other kids his age couldn’t hope to achieve. This began his career in the exotic car industry.

He began small, remodeling and selling one car at a time. The more satisfied a customer was the more likely they were to recommend Gary to the people they knew. Word of mouth in those days was the best way to get referrals. So Gary gave amazing discounts in order to build up his clientele. Often he only charged his customers for the parts it took to remodel the cars they were purchasing, waving the fee of the labor he put into the work he did after school and on weekends. This made the cars more affordable for his clients and left them feeling more than satisfied with the service and car they were provided. Soon Gary Blonder’s name became quite well-known and business grew. He began by using used parts to restore old cars and worked with both new and used car dealerships. While his beginnings may have been humble and modest this was the start of his now international automobile business. A true American success story.

Most of the money Gary made in the early days of his business has gone back into the companies in order to allow continued growth. This permitted him to invest in real estate and even enter into the yacht construction and sales business. He would buy diversified companies and start new businesses. As they grew he would sell them off and invest right back into the exotic car business. Now he sells exotic cars both also nationwide and internationally in Europe and beyond.

While Gary’s business has grown exponentially and the company known across the globe among exotic car collector’s Gary has remained steadfast in his dedication to customer service. He is very hands on in the business. He will be the first to arrive to prepare for car shows. Often being seen wiping down the cars in order to ensure that they are picture perfect and ready to be shown. It is this attention to detail and dedication to excellence that has won Gary numerous awards and built his business beyond what could ever have imagined when he first began remodeling classic cars.

One of Gary’s favorite experience’s in his industry is working with collectors who are much more knowledgeable about the specific models; continually learning and expanding every day. After working in this industry for 48 years, this is not a common occurrence but a most welcome one when it comes to his knowledge so that he may better serve each and every customer and collector that seeks him out. Another one of Gary Blonder’s favorite moments is watching a customer unwrap their car once it is delivered and seeing the awe on their faces. He quite frequently hears that the car that arrives is better than what they could have possibly imagined. This is after they’ve been shown multiple pictures and videos of their new car. Not even photos can compare to the beauty of the cars that Gary sells when seen in person.

After working so long in the industry, Gary Blonder has become one of the leading exotic car experts. His commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction have set him apart in a class of his own. He is the man to see to begin the purchase of your very own exotic car. This is your man every step of the way together with highly trained experts in the industry that are personally vetted by him in order to ensure that his standards of business and quality are upheld. 

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